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Sean Payton resorts to hacky motivational gimmick of cheesy cartoon to inspire Saints


The New Orleans Saints are looking for something, anything, to get the team back on the right track after a heartbreaking 24-23 road loss to the Detroit Lions last Sunday.

The loss dropped the Saints to 2-4, and while that is no reason to go into full-blown panic mode, the with the surging Green Bay Packers heading to the Superdome for a Sunday night showdown, the chances of of team notching their fifth loss of the season in only seven games — for a team that was expected to be one of the better teams in the NFC — could send New Orleans football team into a tailspin.

But head coach Sean Payton is a master motivator. He’s known for pulling off little motivational ploys, launched at just the right time, that it gets the players’ heads turned in the right direction and their attention refocused. provided a little rundown of some of Payton’s best gambits:

In previous seasons, Payton has placed mouse traps out to remind players not to “eat the cheese” and stay humble. He’s left gas cans in the lockers of some older veterans as a way of asking them to find “fuel left in the tank” for an end of the season run.

Good stuff. If the Saints need Payton to pull the metaphorical rabbit out of his motivational magic hat, the time is now.

But if his last effort is any indication, Payton may have run out of ideas. For evidence of that theory, look no further to how low head coach Sean Payton had to go to provide a hackneyed motivational gimmick in a desperate effort to inspire his players heading into its game against the Packers.

This week’s message was fairly simple. The Saints posted a cartoon on every locker. 

The cartoon depicted two men in a tunnel with pickaxes in their hands. One, inches away from finding diamonds, was shown giving up and walking away before striking the prize. Another man was running full speed toward the diamonds.

The words ‘Never Give Up’ are at the bottom. 

Oof. That’s the equivalent of the kind of poster one would see hanging in an awkward teenage girl’s bedroom that she uses as inspiration to carry on. Let’s call it the “Sue Heck Syndrome.” Yes, “The Middle” is an alright show.

Moving on, Kissing Suzy Kolber was alerted of the below image of the cartoon that appears to be the one in question:


Great googly moogly. If this was any cheesier folks who are lactose intolerant would suffer painful stomach cramps from simply looking at it.

That’s right, Sean Payton resorted to using a comic strip cartoon that one may come across while perusing “Parade” after they have read every other section of the Sunday paper.

All is not lost though, despite this comically inept attempt at a motivational tactic. The Saints are only one game back of the 3-3-1 Carolina Panthers in the loss column in the NFC South. So, chins up, Saints. And remember:


Yeah, that’s the good stuff.

(top image credit: Matt Rourke/The Associated Press)