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Photo surfaces of Notre Dame wideout Justin Brent and porn star Lisa Ann in bed (pic)


The salacious story involving Notre Dame Fighting Irish wide receiver Justin Brent and his rumored date with porn star Lisa Ann took another sultry turn on Thursday night when a photo surfaced online of the two pictured in a semi-compromising position.

The photo, since deleted, but preserved for perpetuity courtesy of a tipster to Deadspin, allegedly depicts Brent and Lisa Ann at the very least shirtless as they share a bed.

Of course, as was the case when photos of the two originally surfaced showing them taking in a New York Knicks preseason game on Wednesday night, it warrants noting that Brent is an 18-year-old freshman and Lisa Ann is a 42-year-old adult film actress, making for a relatively raunchy May-December romance, if the two are in fact some kind of bizarre item.

Concerning the photograph causing all the buzz Friday morning, nothing is known about its exact nature, nor what being partially naked in a bed with a porn star may entail — although we can obviously guess — but it certainly looks like the two really bonded on their “official date,” as the gossipy gossip hounds put it, after allegedly “being all over each other” while taking in a New York Knicks preseason game on Wednesday night.

You could almost say that their enchanted evening may have culminated with a happy ending … in the parlance of our times.

While no official word has come down from either party — nor should it be expected — regarding their purported dalliances (or at least date), Lisa Ann did take to Twitter about the same time the above photo began to make its way around the interwebs where she clearly is making some somewhat veiled but easily interpreted references about what she may have been up to as of late.

lisa-ann-tweet lisa-ann-tweets

Yep. There you go.