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Broncos’ Chris Harris snags INT in win, races home to take pregnant wife to hospital


It turned out to be a pretty crazy — and hectic and exciting — Thursday for Denver Broncos cornerback Chris Harris.

For one thing, he and his teammates went out and defeated the San Diego Chargers by a score of 35-21 in a game where he snagged his second interception of the season.

But Harris was perfectly honest Thursday when he admitted his mind was elsewhere during the game, but noted that didn’t mean he wasn’t able to contribute.

“We were in the second half, and in first half my mind wasn’t really in the game to me, and I just told Coach [John Fox] that I was going to turn up and make a play for us, and I did that,” Harris said, via

Harris’ interception of a Philip Rivers’ pass in the third quarter that proved to be a critical play in the game came shortly before a text message arrived on his iPhone, which was safely stowed away in his locker.

The text message was from his wife Leah. It read, “Woo hoo a pick for Aria!”

Aria is the name of the Harris’ soon-to-be born daughter, an impending addition to their family. You see, once the game was over, Harris raced home to take his wife to the Castle Rock, Colo., hospital where she would be induced into labor.

The couple specifically planned Leah to be induced right after the game so the family would be able to spend as much time together as possible over the weekend following the birth the little Aria.

The little bundle of joy is expected to be born sometime Friday, but neither Harris has made any official announcement as of yet on their social media accounts.

The last post from Leah, attached to the above photograph that was taken before the family-to-be sped off to the hospital late Thursday night, read, “Last picture of us before we become a family! Mommy & daddy can’t wait to meet you little munchkin. #HospitalBound

Broncos head coach John Fox informed players they were not expected back until Monday, meaning Harris and family will have three football-free days together.

“I will be in the hospital the whole time,” Harris said, via The Denver Post. “It’s a new chapter in our lives.”

Best of luck to the Harris family and here’s to the three being able to enjoy the precious, priceless and forever-treasured first moments they will spend together as a family over the long weekend.

(photo credit: Leah Harris/Instagram)