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Les Miles disagrees with Katy Perry’s joke that LSU fans smell like corn dogs


When Katy Perry made her much ballyhooed, critically acclaimed appearance as celebrity guest picker on “College GameDay” a few weeks back, she cracked a joke about how LSU Tigers fans smell like corn dogs.

Apparently, this is something of a long-running SEC joke. According to LSU Super Fan, there is an entire back story about the inference that LSU fans bear the distinct aroma of deep-fried, battered frankfurters.

In any event, Perry obviously was relayed the “corny” details of the joke, and used a corn dog as a prop when making a pick of the LSU-Auburn game, saying, “Is LSU or LS-PEW?”

Tigers head coach Les Miles was asked about Perry’s corn dog dig at LSU fans during his Wednesday press conference and claimed to have not heard about it, which is hardly surprising.

“She has a preference for corn dogs,” Miles said. “What a pretty, great girl.”

When informed about Perry’s antics on the pregame show, Miles was not impressed.

“Did she? Oh no she didn’t,” he said.

According to Dr. Saturday, after Miles was informed of the background of the corn dog critique, he expressed his strong disagreement with such an egregious and odorous observation.

“I guess there’s things to talk about that are important and things that are not, right?” Miles said. “I’d have to say that people who make observations about how other people smell based on the fact that their nose doesn’t work well. I guess if that’s the issue — I want you to know one thing and I’ll say it very honestly. I have gone to Tiger Stadium and never smelled corn dogs.”

It’s an amusing tale that illustrates that in the SEC, no stone goes unturned when it comes to disparaging rival fan bases. And when it comes right down to it, even if Miles thinks Perry is a “pretty, great girl,” he will not stand idly by and allow the gorgeous pop songstress to cast LSU fans in a negative, smelly light.