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Atlanta Falcons’ infographic about London trip has team traveling to Spain (photo)


The Atlanta Falcons will face the Detroit Lions at Wembley Stadium in London this weekend. Thankfully, the team was not responsible for flight plans and itinerary.

The team posted an infographic ahead of its transatlantic flight that illustrated the thousands of miles the team would fly to make its long trip across the pond.

Unfortunately, instead of having the flight’s destination depicted landing, you know, in the United Kingdom, the infographic had the Falcons’ arrival spot in eastern Spain. Spain, United Kingdom. Potat-o, Potat-oh.

The mistake is almost Griswoldian in its “Clueless American” silliness. “Atlanta Falcons’ European Vacation” would be a fitting moniker. “Look guys, Big Ben, Parliament.”

The team deleted the original tweet with the error and later offered up a mea culpa for the forehead-slapping mix-up.

The Daily Mail also notes that not only did the team get the “graphic” part of infographic embarrassingly wrong, even the “info” aspect of the infographic had its flaws as well. The Falcons apparently utilized two planes, not three, for its long road trip.

Despite the geographical graphic gaffe, the Falcons, as noted in the tweet, are in fact where they are supposed to be and practiced at the Arsenal’s London Colney training facility on Wednesday ahead of Sunday’s game.