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Couple to allow outcome of World Series determine if they have a baby (photo)


Remember the couple who made a bet regarding how they would allow the outcome of the American League Wild Card game determine whether or not they would get a dog? Sure, the gal got her dog, but compared to another high-rolling couple of Kansas City Royals fans, a wager involving the possible adoption of a dog is small time.

Another couple has emerged who are upping the ante related to he enormity of a baseball-related bet. Said couple is kicking it up a notch by allowing the future of any planned progeny be decided by the outcome of the World Series.

According to sign spotted in the stands, if the Royals win it all, she gets a baby. If not, um, husband wins?

Of course, chances are good this sign was done all in jest and simply was a clever way to attract some attention. Whether or not the Royals can recover from losing Game 1 and go on to beat the San Francisco Giants in the Fall Classic likely will have nothing to do with any future baby plans.

One last thought: If the Royals do indeed win the World Series and the couple do go on to have a baby, there should be some plan in place about what the baby should be named. If it’s a girl, it’s gotta be Lorde. Right?

And a boy? Yost. Of course. Both names are unique, sure, but perfectly fitting.

[H/T SB Nation, image credit: Brendan Davies/Twitter]