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Phil Jackson backs Flea for slamming ESPN The Mag’s controversial Kobe story


It’s almost fitting that a man who goes by the moniker “Zen Master” would share like-minded viewpoints on certain issues with a guy known as Flea.

Still, it nevertheless is somewhat surprising that Phil Jackson took to Twitter to publicly support the Red Hot Chili Pepper bassist’s brief but scathing critique of Henry Abbott’s damning story penned for ESPN The Magazine in which the argument is forwarded that Kobe Bryant is the main reason behind the downfall of the once-proud Los Angeles Lakers franchise.

Abbott utilizes anonymous quotes from player agents, unidentified NBA executives and the like to perpetrate what many have argued is a character assassination of the great Lakers player. Whether or not the assertions set forth in the article are a legitimate characterization of the causes for the Lakers’ demise are worthy of discussion, but the piece certainly rubbed a lot of folks the wrong way.

Flea is among that contingent of people.

The musician, an ardent and longtime Lakers fan, frequently has been spotted over the years attending the team’s games and publicly supporting the squad by donning team gear in concerts and other appearances. And he has no time for those who wish to disparage and denigrate a man who played a huge role in the team’s most recent stretch of glory years.

Flea took to Twitter to express his dismay with the article while specifically taking a shot at Abbott.

To which Jackson, who is also partly blamed in the piece for his perceived role in the Lakers’ downfall, voiced his support for Flea’s attempt at publicly shaming the writer of the article.

While the conjecture contained in Abbott’s piece that Kobe played a significant role in bringing the Lakers franchise to its knees may merit debate, one should be hesitant to get on the bad side of either of these guys. That’s just bad mojo, man.

It’s hardly surprising, though, to learn that both of these guys share a similar opinion regarding Abbott’s piece. And yet it’s awesome nevertheless to see the two join forces. We should hope to see more from this dynamic duo in the future.

Go get ’em, guys.

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