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Minnesota Timberwolves/’Beverly Hills, 90210′ mashup is next level retro (video)


The Minnesota Timberwolves and “90210” mashed up into one brilliant team preview video? Brilliant!

The Minnesota Timbertrolls, a fan outfit that is known for making fantastic mashups featuring the T’Wolves integrated into intros of beloved television shows from yesteryear (see here and here), has created a genius piece of video wizardry by using the astute knowledge of the 1990s FOX staple, “Beverly Hills, 90210.”

Of course, as everyone knows — or those who have wasted a considerable amount of their brain retaining a firm grasp of the back story of the Walsh family on “90210” are aware — the show revolves around the aforementioned family moving from Minneapolis to Beverly Hills and the culture shock that ensues.

The show highlighted many serious teen issues among other ridiculous story lines involving the “Peach Pit” and the many trials and tribulations of über-wealthy teenagers portrayed by actors who had no business whatsoever portraying high school students.

In the video, the beloved series’ intro — along with a scene of Jim Walsh informing wife Cindy and twins Brandon and Donna — is spliced with footage of Ricky Rubio and all the new young guns — including Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett, Zach LaVine, among others —  that have been assimilated into the Wolves’ roster courtesy of the departure of Kevin Love. It’s great stuff.

It’s the most worthwhile thing Tori Spelling has been associated with in years … which really isn’t saying much.

Now if only the Wolves’ first season in its latest rebuilding phase could be as successful as the first season as “90210.” That would be something.

And seriously, look at Rubio up there in that screenshot. He totally could have blended right in with the crew at West Beverly.