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Aaron Rodgers: Eddie Vedder told me he owns Green Bay Packers stock


A great story emerged this week about how Green Bay Packers quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Matt Flynn both attended the Pearl Jam concert at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee on Monday.

A lot of the amusing qualities and entertaining anecdotes that emerged from the outing by the Packers signal-callers revolved around both photos of Flynn rocking out at the show:

Vedder also relayed a story about how, when meeting Rodgers backstage before the show, he suggested that the Bears trade for him.

“You know what would really be great?” Vedder asked. “If we could trade Aaron Rodgers to the Bears.”

Vedder is a native of the Chicago area and a big time Cubs fan, so it’s not surprising he’s a Bears-backer as well.

“I’ve never seen a grown man laugh so hard in my life,” Vedder reportedly told the crowd about Rodgers’ reaction to his never-going-to-happen trade scenario.

The Journal-Sentinel reported that Rodgers had a hand in a couple of songs that ended up on the night’s set list.

Vedder also gave a shout-out to a special guest in the house — Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers — saying it was an honor to perform for “royalty.” The band played “Yield” track “Given to Fly” in his honor, and played Vedder’s “Setting Forth” from the Sean Penn film “Into the Wild” at Rodgers’ request.

Photos also surfaced of Vedder rocking a No. 10 Packers jersey during the concert, which just so happens to be Flynn’s jersey number…

The choice in number likely had more to do with the band’s seminal breakthrough album, “Ten,” then an homage to the Packers backup quarterback, something Rodgers conceded during his weekly radio appearance on ESPN Milwaukee on Tuesday.

“Flynn obviously played along, or maybe in his mind believed that it was a Flynn jersey that he was wearing,” Rodgers said, via Pro Football Talk. “I’m pretty sure it said ‘Vedder’ on the back, and obviously the Ten was for the CD title.”

Another nugget Rodgers revealed about he and Vedder’s backstage meet-and-greet was that the Pearl Jam frontman informed the quarterback that he actually has some stock in the Green Bay NFL franchise.

“He did say that he was an [Packers] owner,” Rodgers said. “A buddy had gotten him stock certificate a few years back. As opposed to when we met the President and he made a joke about trading me to Chicago, there wasn’t any conversation about that. We actually talked about some other things.”

Rodgers also mentioned that he managed not to go all fan boy on Vedder during their meeting.

I didn’t geek out in that situation,” Rodgers revealed, per Packers News. “I was proud of myself. I didn’t really need a pep talk. I’d seen him perform before, and obviously was a big fan for a while, but I didn’t feel those pre-meeting nerves.”

The two superstars reportedly exchanged a Packers jersey and a guitar. Rodgers called the concert a “religious experience.”

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