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Martin Havlat on facial lacerations: ‘At least I don’t need any mask for Halloween…’ (pics)


New Jersey Devils forward Martin Havlat suffered a serious face injury when he was shoved face-first into the boards behind the Washington Capitals’ net during a game last Thursday.

The severity of the damage inflicted upon Havlat was gruesomely evident as blood dripped from the hockey player’s face onto the ice.

But the true extent of Havlat’s injury became that much more viscerally plain when photos began to surface in the subsequent days that followed, as the stitch job Havlat had to undergo to close up the ghastly gashes in his face.

In total, a whopping 55 stitches were required to stitch him up. Even worse, his upper lip had to be reatached to his face (per’s Rich Chere), one of the more disturbing descriptions of what was entailed in the process of a hockey player undergoing a stitch job.

Havlat hasn’t played since the injury — although Devils head coach Peter DeBoer said he “looked good” on Monday — but is expected to return to the lineup on Tuesday night.

Showcasing once again just how tough the average hockey player can be, Havlat actually did suit up for Saturday’s game before ultimately getting sat by the Devils coaching staff.

Wow. Havlat kidded that there is at least one benefit of suffering such a gruesome injury: He won’t need a Halloween costume this year.

What a joker.

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