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Picture him rollin’: Kevin Durant wheels into press conference on scooter (video)


Kevin Durant met with the media on Tuesday for the first time since undergoing surgery to treat a fracture in his right foot. Despite the severity of the injury, the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar had an air of optimism about him, almost creating the impression that he’s already rolling along in his recovery progress … mainly because he is … rolling that is.

Durant wheeled himself in to his meeting with the media with the assistance of a scooter-like contraption, one on which he could rest his surgically repaired foot while pushing himself along with his healthy one (via The Oklahoman‘s Thunder beat writer Darnell Mayberry):

Once he rolled himself in, one thing Durant stressed during his press conference is that he has no plans whatsoever to take his rehab lightly. He also has no intention of coming back prematurely and will only return when his foot is fully healed and he feels perfectly comfortable.

Still, he’s optimistic about making a full comeback while setting his sights on a December return.

“I’m not going to rush it all. That’s the one thing I don’t want to do,” he said. “I’m sure I’ll feel better in two or three weeks, but definitely don’t want to rush it and wind up hurting it even more. I’m taking my time with it. I’m just blessed it happened early in the season where I can get past it, and hopefully by December I’ll be ready to play.”

Durant noted it is a weird situation for him to suffer such a debilitating injury.

“It’s definitely a different experience for me,” Durant said Tuesday, via “I’ve never been injured before, but the Thunder’s been great to get me to the best surgeon, and rehab has been going well so far. Everything is progressing, and I’m looking forward to these next few weeks of getting better.”

Durant originally suffered the injury during an Oct. 11 practice, complaining of some pain in his foot. The injury was diagnosed as a “Jones fracture,” which is a broken bone in the small toe. Surgery was needed where a screw was inserted into his foot and original expectations of when he could return was estimated to be between six and eight weeks.

Durant admits that he’s feeling “antsy” with all the downtime.

“I’ve been antsy since I came out of surgery. I seen that Cleveland and Chicago game last night, and I wanted to get out there and play,” Durant admitted. “But as a competitor, I just love to play basketball. That’s all I’ve been doing, and injuries have never had me out this long, but it’s part of the game, and I understand that.”

The 26-year-old superstar appears to be keeping everything in perspective — missing time early in the season as opposed to during the stretch run heading into the postseason is obviously preferable — and taking everything in stride. Referring to the situation as a “win-win,” he even cracked a joke about his scooter while comparing how he’s occupying himself during practices to the habits of an esteemed head coach from the college football ranks.

“I feel like Nick Saban, just rolling around in my scooter from court to court giving advice and trying to help out as much as I can,” he said. “I’m looking at the positive side of it. It’s a win-win, basically, because I’m learning a lot while I’m out about the game, and my teammates are getting lots of opportunities because there are a lot of minutes out there to help the team.”

Before cruising into the presser, Durant posted a photo to Instagram featuring himself and teammate Mitch McGary (above) both utilizing similar means of conveyance and dubbing the duo the “Scooter Boys.”

Picture him rollin’, indeed.