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Cretinous ignoramus dresses up as Ray Rice for Halloween party (photos)


Photographs that have surfaced online of an ill-informed person who erroneously thought it would be a hoot to dress up as disgraced former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice for a Halloween party.

Wearing a Rice jersey and using an “unconscious” blow-up doll as an offensive prop, the man dragged the doll behind him, mimicking the disturbing footage that surfaced earlier this year of Rice dragging Janay Palmer, who is now his wife, out of an Atlantic City casino elevator.

Subsequent footage released from the casino’s security cameras of the Feb. 15 incident documented a violent altercation inside the elevator where Rice savagely punched his then-fiancĂ©e, knocking her out and prompting him to drag the unconscious woman out of the elevator.


The photos originally were posted to a “Too Soon” thread on reddit. Outrage predictably ensued once the photos made their way around the Internet.

Even though we live in a society that often is overly obsessed with political correctness, this costume obviously crosses a line, even if some may argue he had every right to don the costume, no matter the response it elicited.

While this guy may have thought his costume was hilarious, many believed it to be disrespectful to victims of domestic violence and overall was a shameful exercise in extremely poor taste.

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