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Tangled Up In Plaid: Tom Brady dressed dapper in Facebook pic, cracks Belichick joke


The New England Patriots barely eked out a victory against the New York Jets on Thursday night, winning 27-25 partially thanks to the perceived, questionable and subsequently controversial involvement of an official prior to a blocked 58-yard field goal attempt by Jets kicker Nick Foles in the closing seconds of the game.

But as far as Tom Brady is concerned, a win is a win is a win.

The veteran signal-caller, fresh off the win, took to Facebook and again demonstrated he’s getting a pretty good handle on how to properly utilize social media, posting a photograph of himself looking incredibly dapper and suave while donning a dandy plaid peacoat.

Along with the silly pose and goofy look on his face, Brady added the commentary, “We are on to Chicago,” a riff on how Bill Belichick repeatedly said “We’re on to Cincinnati” during a press conference following the team’s brutal Week 4 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs ahead of a showdown with the Bengals.

It wasn’t even the first time Brady busted out that zinger at Belichick’s expense. What a wisenheimer.

Brady has been absolutely killing it with his Facebook antics, in particular his “Throwback Thursday” contributions (see here and here and here), even making light of an accidental high-five slight to Pats owner Robert Kraft by actor Mark Wahlberg with the use of some Photoshop skullduggery where he inserted himself into a screengrab.

Despite the goofiness of Brady’s countenance and the silly way he’s raising his fist in mock triumph, how about that plaid peacoat. Quite the fashionisto, that Brady fella.

And of course, given the title of the post acknowledging the style and pattern of Brady’s plaid peacoat … obligatory.

(top image via Tom Brady/Facebook)