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Ohio State student body-slammed after storming field will retain scholarship after all

Moments before Anthony Wunder stormed the field at Ohio Stadium during the Ohio State Buckeyes’ 50-28 win over the Cincinnati Bearcats on Sept. 27, he probably thought he was about to embark upon a furious run that would be one of the greatest moments of his life.

It didn’t turn out that way. Not by a long shot.

Wunder, a 21-year-old Ohio State student, was savagely body-slammed to the turf with incredible force by Buckeyes assistant coach Anthony Schlegel.

A video of how Schlegel abruptly ended Wunder’s fun run went viral, and while that was embarrassing for Wunder, it was only the beginning of the consequences stemming from his ill-advised act of compulsive field-storming.

Wunder was charged with misdemeanor criminal trespassing, to which he originally entered a plea of not guilty.

Even worse, it was believed that Wunder might lose his scholarship at the university, per a New York Post report.

His attorney, Mark Collins, stated earlier this month that Ohio State had initiated the process that would culminate in his client’s removal from the Evans Scholars program, a scholarship that covers room and board and tuition for former golf caddies.

But things changed for the better this week for Wunder. According to his attorney, it appears that the fourth-year engineering student won’t lose his scholarship after all.

Wunder reportedly apologized for his action and changed his plea in his misdemeanor criminal trespassing case to guilty in Franklin County Municipal Court on Thursday. He was subsequently fined $100 in addition to court costs.

While Wunder reportedly will have several restrictions on his affiliation with the Evans Scholars Foundation, he apparently will get to keep his scholarship through the program. Lucky kid.

But the violent body slam he suffered as a reward for his irresponsible and foolish behavior will continue to live in Internet infamy.

Shocking — and arguably deserved — brutality.

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