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MVP Madison Bumgarner celebrates NLCS win by chugging six beers at once (video)


First, Madison Bumgarner celebrated the San Francisco Giants winning its NL Wild Card game by chugging four beers at once. He then toasted the team’s NLDS series win by slamming five beers at the same time.

Following San Francisco’s 6-3 win in Game 5 of the NLCS over the St. Louis Cardinals at AT&T Park on Thursday night — courtesy of Michael Morse’s game-tying homer in the 8th inning and Travis Ishikawa’s three-run, walk-off round-tripper in the 9th inning — the staff ace hoisted up six beers at the same time and let the sweet, brewed elixir of the gods wash down upon him.

Awesome. Notice how his teammates sneaked in a bottle of champagne into his crazy chug-a-lug. Nice.

Sure, most of the beer doesn’t even get in his mouth — watch as about 90% of it washes down the front of his face and jersey — but what Bumgarner’s chugging exhibition lacked in execution, it more than made up for in style points.

That’s just how Bumgarner, the NLCS MVP, rolls.

Bumgarner pitched eight innings in the series-clinching game, giving up five hits and three runs. In a breathtakingly remarkable run this postseason, he’s gone 2-1 in four postseason starts with a 1.42 ERA.

The ace offered up this explanation for how he has seemed to rise to the occasion during the Giants’ playoff run.

“You can’t let the moment get to you,” he explained, via “You’ve got to push the nerves and excitement aside. It’s less fun that way, but that’s how you play better baseball.”

Indeed. The same can be said about being a better beer-chugger. You can’t let the moment get to you. Just crack ’em open, lift them high, and let the brewskis drain.

But what will Bumgarner do if the Giants can somehow derail the unstoppable freight train that is the Kansas City Royals in the World Series? As argued previously here, seven beers just won’t do. It’s not enough to adequately celebrate the moment. That’s why it has been suggested here that Bumgarner and the Giants need to track down a Party Ball.


Sure, it appears that no beer company makes Party Balls anymore, but perhaps the Giants can convince some company to manufacture one or track one down just in case San Francisco’s magical postseason culminates in another World Series championship.

Heck, how about Anheuser-Busch? Maybe they’d be willing to do it…

Oh yeah. The Cardinals. St. Louis. Busch Stadium.


(top image credit: Katie Nolan/Twitter)