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Bald eagle kicking it on green makes off with some guy’s golf ball (video)


It must have been quite the sight to see a majestic bald eagle as this unnamed golfer strolled up to the green during his round. But things took a turn for the worse when the eagle, after toying with the ball like it was a helpless itty-bitty mouse, scooped it up and flew away.

If the man victimized by the ball-pilfering bird didn’t bust out the line from “The Dude” regarding his not-so-favorable opinion of a certain 1970s rock band, well, he missed out on a golden opportunity to bust out a perfect “The Big Lebowski” reference.

Perhaps the eagle will place the ball into its nest in the hope that it will one day crack and a golf ball-eagle hybrid kind of creature will emerge from the shell. It could be called a “Golffin.” You know, just like a Griffin, the mythological creature that is half-eagle, half-lion but, uh, different? Get it?

Never mind. Sheesh, you people.

[H/T Golf Channel]