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Top dynasties in college football’s modern era


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With college football in full swing and heading into the meat of the conference schedule — not to mention heading into the inaugural version of the College Football Playoff — it’s a good time to take a look at the top dynasties in college football history, in particular in the modern era.

While some debate certainly is warranted about exactly where teams should be placed relative to other dynastic programs, it’s hard to argue with the fact that each one of these teams and the runs they enjoyed are among the best in the history of college football.

8) Miami Hurricanes (2000-2003):

It was a relatively short-lived run for a dynasty, but a national title in 2001 and a 46-4 record makes the U a fitting inclusion on this list, not to mention how the teams from that era featured 17 first-round picks in the NFL Draft. Amazing

7) Florida State Seminoles (1992-2000):

Compiling a remarkable 99-11-1 record over that time span, a run that included two national championships (1993, 1999), the Seminoles squads in that era were unstoppable boasted two Heisman Trophy winners and never finished out of the Top 4 in the AP poll.

6) Oklahoma Sooners (1973-80):

Barry Switzer led the way during this dominant era of Sooners football. Oklahoma was 73-7 during a run of excellence that included a 28-game winning streak, two national championships (1974, 1975) and eight conference championships.

5) Florida Gators (2006-09): 48-7

Urban Meyer, three consecutive 13-1 campaigns, two national titles (2006, 2008), Tim Tebow. Need we continue?

4) USC Trojans (2002-2008):

Before leading the Seattle Seahawks to a Super Bowl title, Pete Carroll was leading USC to national championships. A big man on campus adored by his players and the USC community at large. Seven straight Pac-12 titles, two national championships and three Heisman Trophy winners will do that.

3) Alabama Crimson Tide (2008-present):

The book has not yet closed on this still-growing dynasty, and with Nick Saban at the helm, chances are good the Tide will roll to another national championship to add to four already in hand under Saban’s leadership.

2) Nebraska Cornhuskers (1993-97):

Tom Osborne is the epitome of everything a program looks for in a head coach. Stability, football I.Q., stoicism, an unshakeable leader of men. He led the Huskers to an astonishing 60-3 record and three national championships.

1) Miami Hurricanes (1983-1992):

Jimmy Johnson, another college coach who went on to coaching greatness in the NFL, was the architect of arguably some of the greatest assembled football teams of this or any other era. Four national titles (1983, 1987, 1989, 1991). Enough said.

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