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Joseph Randle on humiliating shoplifting arrest: ‘Biggest mistake I’ve ever made’


Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle was forced to face the music that is the media for the first time on Wednesday since being busted on an embarrassing shoplifting arrest earlier in the week, an incident that has caused the 22-year-old to become a subject of mockery and sarcastically humorous ridicule.

Randle was arrested on Monday for allegedly shoplifting underwear and a bottle of cologne at a Dillard’s department store in Frisco, Texas. Booked on a misdemeanor charge, the running back unlikely will face a suspension but reportedly will be fined by the team. Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett used the word “significantly” to describe the severity of the monetary punishment, and reports indicate it could range anywhere from $10,000 to upwards of $30,000.

After reportedly addressing his teammates earlier in the day, the second-year running back was extremely contrite when addressing the media, admitting that he let a lot of people down while expressing extreme embarrassment and profound remorse over the entire humiliating incident.

“I know there’s big-time consequences for things in life,” Randle said Wednesday, via The Dallas Morning News. “I disappointed a lot of people who really care about me like my brothers on my team, the coaches around here, this whole organization, people who have supported me, my family, my dad. I let a lot of people down. I am really just trying my best to make it up to them and do whatever I’ve got to do to get past this.”

Discussing what it was like to stand in front of his teammates and talk about his arrest, Randle expressed remorse over becoming a distraction for the squad. His arrest came at an unfortunate time as the Cowboys are riding a five-game winning streak after dropping the season’s first game heading into a showdown with the division rival New York Giants on Sunday.

“It was hard coming back into the locker room, looking at people who care about me in the eyes, knowing that I did something stupid,” Randle admitted. “I had to talk to them about it. I can’t just go like nothing happened. I had to address the issues. We’re trying to move forward from it. This is not a distraction from the team. We’re just trying to get ready and keep winning like we have been doing and play our rival team, the Giants, this week. That’s what we’re trying to focus on.”

Despite being greatly embarrassed by the unfortunate incident created solely by his irresponsible conduct, Randle expressed gratitude that he won’t face suspension and will be able to play on Sunday.

“It means a lot to be out there with my team,” he said. “I love this game and I love the team I play for. I try my best to rep the star the right way. I didn’t do that. I am going to try my best to make it up to my teammates and all of the people that really care about me….It’s the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life. I have never got in any kind of trouble in my whole life. This is just something I have to learn from and move forward.”

Randle isn’t an integral part of the Cowboys offense, and not only did his conduct prove to be a distraction, it also brought negative attention to the team at a time when the Cowboys are enjoying something of a resurgence to regular season relevancy. Not a good look for a guy who has rushed for only 113 yards on 16 carries thus far this season.