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Colin Kaepernick continues to bring the snark while ripping NFL over fines (photo)


Even though the NFL reportedly reduced his fine by half for the alleged “inappropriate language” he used during a game against the Chicago Bears earlier this season, Colin Kaepernick remains quite displeased with the NFL and the manner in which it meted out its punishment.

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback originally was fined $11,025 for an incident involving Bears lineman Lamarr Houston in which he was accused of using the “N-word.” Kaepernick protested the veracity of the allegations and appealed.

When the NFL reportedly could not find any evidence on tape of Kaepernick using a racial slur, the league decided to reduce his fine to $5,512, something that clearly did not sit well with the quarterback.

Kaepernick took to social media to bemoan the fact that he was still fined despite the NFL’s findings, posting the following photo to Instagram and Twitter with a pretty snarky caption.

Kaepernick writes, “The face you make when the NFL says you didn’t use a racial slur and still fines you $5500?” before adding “*shrugs*,” and finishing up his diatribe with “back to my grind” presumably indicating he’s either not going to allow the controversy to distract him from his work or, like others with sophisticated palates, prefers his coffee in whole bean form. Kaepernick then spent some time Wednesday retweeting thoughts from fans who shared his opinions on the fine, tweets such as this one:

It’s interesting that to bemoan the fine, Kaepernick used a photo of himself rocking Beats by Dre headphones during a press conference, something that elicited yet another fine by the NFL on the quarterback, as the league determined that his audiophile equipment choice ran afoul of the NFL’s exclusive deal with Bose, punishing him to the tune of $10,000.

Kaepernick similarly appealed that fine as well, but nothing has come of that move as of yet.

But win or lose, chances are good that Kaepernick will offer up some social media commentary to articulate his snarky thoughts on the NFL. He seems inclined to challenging the NFL at every turn, even rocking Beats by Dre gear again just one week after being fined for doing the same thing in an act of “sonic disobedience.”

The guy ain’t rolling over on the fines, that’s for sure. Although the NFL likely will find a way to deal with such acts of perceived petulance, rabble-rousing and outright questioning of its authority.