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Gordon Hayward challenges LeBron James to some 1-on-1 … in ‘League of Legends’

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Utah Jazz Gordon Hayward is apparently something of a video game nut. So much so, in fact, that he recently talked a little smack in a blog post on his official website about his video game-playing acumen and excellence.

Setting it up as if he was talking about something else entirely, Hayward threw down the “Gauntlet” — get it? — in his post, “THE BEST IN THE GAME,” and challenged any and all professional athlete on-comers — specifically LeBron James, but other NBA superstars as well — to take him on in a video game challenge over who would reign supreme in “League of Legends” — a multiplayer online game that apparently is all the rage with the kids these days —  all the while making it seem like he’s challenging his NBA colleagues to a one-on-one match-up on the hardwood.

The post reads:

Go back and read that sentence again in case you think you misread it. You didn’t.

It may come as a shock to read me saying something like this because most of you see me as pretty humble. And 99.9% of the time, I am.

This is different.

I know this sounds like bragging. That’s because it is. I’m so confident in my abilities that I would put money on myself, hypothetically speaking.

One on one versus LeBron James? He would get crushed. We would all be witnesses to a straight up annihilation.

The reigning MVP, Kevin Durant? I’m LOLing. Go ahead and put him with Russell Westbrook. Throw Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and Dwight Howard in there, just for kicks. They’d still have no chance.

Honestly, take any five NBA players you want and put them on the same squad. It doesn’t really matter. I’d beat them all. It would be like playing a bunch of kindergartners.

I repeat: I’m the best in the game. And probably in all the other major sports, too.

No athlete on earth is as good at League of Legends as I am.

Well played, Mr. Hayward. Well played indeed. But if ever wants to go old school, this here blogger knows with the utmost certainty that I would mop the floor with his smack-talking punk in a showdown of “Karate Champ.” Yep, you read that right. Bring it, Hayward.

If that ain’t his game, there’s no way he could beat my high score in “Galaga.” Or how about “Burger Time”? It doesn’t matter, Hayward would go down. Because it’s on. It’s on like “Donkey Kong.” Hey, speaking of which…

Anyhoo, here’s some background on Hayward’s love for “League of Legends” as we stand by and wait for Hayward to accept my challenge.

Still waiting…

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