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Colin Kaepernick’s fine over ‘inappropriate language’ reportedly cut in half by NFL


Following an appeal by the San Francisco 49ers quarterback, the NFL has decided to cut in half Colin Kaepernick’s fine for the use of “inappropriate language” during a Week 2 game against the Chicago Bears, meaning the fine has been reduced from $11,025 to $5,512, according to a report from FOX Sports’ Mike Garafalo.

Kaepernick was penalized during the game for the alleged “inappropriate language,” and Bears lineman Lamarr Houston later claimed that the 49ers QB used the “N-word” during a verbal confrontation.

Kaepernick subsequently denied saying anything “racially derogatory,” and filed the appeal.

A source informed Garafalo that Ted Cottrell, who reportedly heard the appeal, stated in a decision letter that the NFL that Kaepernick’s conduct was in “clear violation of the rule,” which is why the fine was only halved instead of wiped out.

A league source reportedly informed the San Jose Mercury News that the NFL was “specifically admitting” there was no evidence that Kaepernick used a racial slur, but the fact that he used “general profane language” warranted a fine, albeit a smaller one.

Video footage appears to show Kaepernick saying “Back the (expletive) up” to Houston following a fourth quarter interception. notes that the rule specifically prohibits the use of “abusive, threatening or insulting language or gestures.” But if simply dropping an f-bomb or whatever on another player warrants a fine in excess of $5,000, the charities to which the NFL donates money received from fines is set to experience an incredible influx of cash if the league intends to strictly enforce the rule.

For what it’s worth, Kaepernick also reportedly intends to appeal the $10,000 fine he incurred for wearing Beats by Dre headphones a few Sundays ago. Can he make it 2-for-2 on partially successful appeals? Chances are that will not be the case.