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Does Bubba Watson has his wife’s name tattooed on his ring finger? (photos)

2014 Ryder Cup - Day 2

Speculation has been rampant of late regarding what appears to be a tattoo of some sort on Bubba Watson’s left ring finger.

Said speculation has ramped up a bit following some very tell-tale photographs from the Ryder Cup that indicate that yes, Bubba does indeed have some ink etched into his finger.

In light of the finger chosen for the ink — where a wedding band traditionally would be worn — and the fact that Watson does not wear one while golfing, some have opined that the tattoo is a way for the golfer to honor his marital vows to his wife Angie, even when not wearing a ring.

Archival research of photographs appears to indicate that Watson got the tattoo sometime after the PGA Championship in August.

Given that the couple celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in September lends credence to the theory that Bubba may have in fact gotten the tattoo to celebrate the milestone and to demonstrate a reaffirmation of his devotion to his wife.

This has led to the suspicion that the tattoo may in fact read “Angie.”

Some additional photos of Bubba’s new ink.

It’s hard to discern for certain exactly what word is tattooed on Bubba’s hand, but given his devotion to his wife and the placement of the tat on his left ring finger, it certainly stands to reason that it reads “Angie.” What else would it read? “Golf Boys”?

While that indeed would be pretty awesome, chances are good that it is a tribute to his wife, or possibly his son, Caleb, who Bubba absolutely adores. Either way, odds are good it was done in tribute to his family … in some way, shape or form.

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