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Portly Blue Jackets fan dances shirtless, dumps beer on self, is awesome (video)


Determining exactly who can boast being the No. 1 superfan of the Columbus Blue Jackets is a no-brainer. It’s “Dancing Kevin,” by a jiggly mile.

A longtime fan favorite and a regular presence at Blue Jackets home games at Nationwide Arena, “Dancing Kevin” made his regular season debut on Saturday with a shirtless, beer-soaked, bear-grinding performance that is as entertaining as it is … strangely hypnotic.

Watch as “Dancing Kevin” removes his shirt, baring what the Good Lord gave him — bolstered by frequent visits to all-you-can-eat buffets, perchance — in all its flabby glory — to showcase the message, “CBJ: Let’s get to WORK” on his belly and “Bear down on the NYR” on his back. Then “Dancing Kevin” really gets to work pumping up the crowd by getting down.

He proceeds to soak himself by double-fisting two cans of beer and letting the suds pour all over him. An appearance by the Labatt Bear comes later, and some kind of dance involving some pretty close bodily proximity between bear and bare-bellied man ensues.

It’s really quite the sight. Quite the disturbing, jiggly, transfixing kind of sight.

Bravo to “Dancing Kevin,” or being true to himself and completely comfortable with his rather portly figure while doing all he can in his frenetic quest to pump up the crowd.

With all due respect to the chubby Florida Panthers fan who removed his shirt and twirled it above his head to celebrate a goal last season, “Dancing Kevin” reigns as the unquestioned king of sizable and shirtless NHL fans. It’s all about showmanship, folks.

Oh, and by the way, the Blue Jackets went out and beat the Rangers 5-2 on Saturday. Whether the performance of “Dancing Kevin” had anything to do with the outcome of the game is unknown, but that certainly does not mean he should stop doing what it is that he does.

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