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Colin Kaepernick shrugs off fine, wears Beats by Dre headphones Monday (pics/GIF)


Apparently, a $10,000 fine Colin Kaepernick was assessed last week for wearing Beats by Dre gear did not make the NFL’s message clear enough to the San Francisco 49ers quarterback regarding what the league deems acceptable audiophile equipment.

Kaepernick again brazenly donned pink Beats by Dre headphones both before and after he led the Niners to a 31-17 win over the St. Louis Rams on “Monday Night Football,” just as he did last week, a move that prompted the NFL to levy its fine against the quarterback, a punishment the quarterback reportedly is appealing.

But there was Kaepernick again on Monday, rocking Beats by Dre gear before the game.

And the 49ers quarterback, certainly challenging the NFL to levy yet another fine, rocked pink Beats by Dre headphones when he took to the podium for his postgame press conference, albeit Kaepernick did make the somewhat snarky decision to tape over the Beats by Dre logos on the audiophile gear.

Whether or not the act of taping over the Beats by Dre logo will be enough to avoid a fine remains to be seen, although odds are Kaepernick will be subjected to another monetary penalty, perhaps one larger than the original $10,000 fine.

The NFL recently announced an exclusive deal with Bose which carries very specific directives primarily aimed at what players can and cannot wear at very specific times.

Some have argued that the policy is excessively draconian, especially for a player like Kaepernick who has a very lucrative endorsement deal with another company. The NFL’s stringent policy prohibiting players like Kaepernick from wearing gear for which they are compensated very well to promote certainly appears to be a sticking point for at least some players.

Bose, possibly at the NFL’s suggestion, appeared to attempt last week to make players’ essentially mandated transition to Bose audio gear somewhat more palatable by sending Carolina Panthers players high-end Bose headphones, a move presumed to be indicative of what the audiophile company would do for all NFL teams, although no indication was made that was indeed the plan.

(top image via Twitter/Ahmed Fareed, GIF via Bro Bible)