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Injured 49ers lineman Anthony Davis documents police arresting ‘Batman’ (pics/vid)


Out with an MCL sprain, San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Anthony Davis had to sit out the team’s win over the St. Louis Rams on Monday night, which may have allowed him to better document how police were arresting a fan in the stands of Edward Jones Dome.

As Davis and his teammates were making their way off the field, he noticed how cops were busting a fan wearing a Batman shirt. Given he wasn’t in uniform, Davis happened to have his phone on him, which he promptly pulled out to record the chaotic scene.

Davis also posted the above photo to Instagram, in which he writes, “I guess he wasn’t happy about us winning tonight. Lmao #49ers” Lmao indeed … unless you’re the dude in the choke hold. The Twitter citizenry shed additional light on the circumstances of what gave rise to the arrest.

Huh. An additional photograph of the arrest from another angle was supplied by a reader to Deadspin:

When Davis got back to the locker room, he took to Twitter to comment upon the scene he had just witnessed.

A wild scene, to be sure. Batman T-Shirt Guy, whoever he is, certainly would likely agree.

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