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Eagles raise smack talk stakes by mocking ‘Lil’ Eli Manning in animated short (video)


Just when you thought the smack talk between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles heading into Sunday night’s game couldn’t get any more heated, the Eagles went ahead and brought mocking animation into the buildup.

In the team’s latest video, an animated version of the Giants quarterback, referred to as “Lil” Eli Manning, a wimpy, prepubescent version of the Super Bowl-winning signal-caller is featured, getting the bejesus scared out of him courtesy of the upcoming Eagles “Blackout.”

Of course, the “Blackout” refers to how the Eagles will be wearing all-black uniforms for its showdown with their division rivals at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday night.

At first, “Lil” Eli Manning is a cocky little snot, saying, “Ahhhh yeahhhh, Little Eli is in the house,” as he arrogantly struts his stuff on the Eagles field. “What’s up Philly, you want some of this? I don’t think you heard ME.”

Then, in the animated short, the “Blackout” takes literal form, with “Lil” Eli getting more and more progressively spooked by the darkness.

“Hey, I’m afraid of the dark,” Eli says.

With the lights out and “Lil” Eli getting freaked out, Eagles players as fiendishly sinister apparitions begin to descend upon the cartoonishly pathetic Manning.

Manning, scared as all get out, pulls his jersey over his head. And to look even more pathetic, his underwear is showing.

“This is horrible,” Manning frets. “I can’t see a thing. Somebody please, fix my underwear. I’m so scared. Every single time with these Eagles. Get me out of Philadelphia.”

End spooky scene.

Between this, Bradley Cooper’s hype video and Eagles center Jason Kelce calling out Giants players — and Tom Coughlin — as stupid, the Eagles are bringing it, man. For their sake, hopefully they can back it up on the football field, not just in witty little trash talk videos.

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