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Lifelong Eagles fans Bradley Cooper talks smack to Giants fans in new hype video


Bradley Cooper may have played the unhinged Philadelphia Eagles fan Pat in “Silver Linings Playbook” (above), but in reality, his Philly roots run deep.

Born in Philadelphia in 1975 and raised in nearby Jenkintown, the actor has been a real-life Eagles fan since he was a kid.

That made Cooper the perfect guy to narrate the Eagles’ weekly #FlyEaglesFly video. And with a critical NFC East showdown on Sunday night against the hated New York Giants at Lincoln Financial Field, this week’s video goes all out to ratchet up the tension, pitting Eagles fans and Giants fans against one another in some kind of smack-talking slugfest.

“This is more than a midseason matchup,” the actor starts off in the video (as transcribed by the New York Post). “This is a street fight — Wall Street against Broad Street.”

With Eagles highlights against the Giants providing the visual backdrop, Cooper continues.

“I promise you, there is no brotherly love lost between us and the Big Apple’s big talkers,” he assures viewers.

And then Cooper drops the hammer. Speaking in a mocking New York accent, the actor brings the haterade.

“[These big talkers say] ‘Youse a bunch of cheesesteak-eatin’, Liberty Bell-crackin,’ museum steps runnin’ … yeah yeah yeah. You want to know the best way to shut a loudmouth up? Shut it for them.”


If the video was intended to rile up Giants fans, it worked. Or it will once New Yorkers get a look-see at the back cover of the New York Daily News on Friday.


Ha. “Silver Whinings Playbook.” How do they come up with that stuff?

If the Giants wish to respond in kind, the team should enlist the services of Robert DeNiro, Cooper’s co-star in “Silver Linings Playbook,” but have him play himself, a tough-as-nails, no-nonsense and ain’t-putting-up-with-this-kind-of-garbage New Yorker. Now that would be awesome.

(video via Crossing Broad, NYDN cover via