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Bose ships headphones to Carolina Panthers players, others to follow? (photos)


Beats by Beat it Dre. Attempting to curb the usage of its competitor’s products — specifically Beats by Dre” — Bose appears to making huge shipments of its headphones to NFL team headquarters.

While there has been no official announcement by the NFL or Bose, nor has it been confirmed in any manner that the company is sending gear out to all NFL teams, it stands to reason it wouldn’t pick and choose and that all teams will be receiving sizable shipments of headphones sooner or later.

Either way, the first team to receive the free goods are the Carolina Panthers, with several players as well as the team tweeting out images of the Bose care placation packages.

The NFL previously announced it has an exclusive deal with Bose which carries some very specific stipulations, conditions, etc., many of which involve when players are allowed to be seen rocking any other audiophile gear except Bose.

Colin Kaepernick on Thursday told reporters he was fined $10,000 by the league for wearing pink Beats by Dre headphones to his postgame press conference last Sunday, something that prompted the San Francisco 49ers quarterback to get a little snarky on social media over the punishment.

From the looks of the photos tweeted out by Carolina Panthers players, the specific model that was shipped to the team appears to be the QuietComfort® 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones, which have a list price on Bose’s site of $299.95.

Assuming that Bose is sending out that particular model to all 32 teams … with 53 men on each active roster … that adds up to … well, a lot, even if the retail price isn’t what it is costing Bose. Yeesh.