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USC Song Girls explain the ‘Ineligible Receiver Downfield penalty (video)


If you think that the USC Song Girls are just a bunch of attractive young ladies charged with being nothing more than sweater-wearing window dressing for the USC Trojans football team, well, think again.

According to how they break down the “Ineligible Receiver Downfield” penalty in the below video, these gals know their college football … or can read cue cards extremely well. One of the two, perhaps both.

USC Song Girls explain complicated rules in… by usatodaysports

Aha, no I get it. Well done, ladies.

As an added bonus, at the end of this very informative and educational video, the USC Song Girls also explain what constitutes a catch.

Speaking of catch, that’s something any of these young women should be considered for their ability to break down the complexities of somewhat perplexing college football rules.

Admittedly, the whole “catch” play on words isn’t that clever, at least not as clever as coming up with the concept of having USC Song Girls explain college football. That’s genius.

[H/T For the Win]