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Tom Brady reaches back to high school football days for ‘Throwback Thursday’ (pic)


It’s “Throwback Thursday,” and after taking a week off from his Facebook shenanigans, Tom Brady is back posting photos on social media giving fans — and himself — a blast from the past.

Granted, the photograph Brady posted to his official Facebook page isn’t as awkwardly amusing — or keenly insightful — as his previous forays into “Throwback Thursday” antics, it is nevertheless an interesting peek at Brady’s life, “A Portrait of the Quarterback as a Young Man” kind of thing.

The photo Brady unveiled this week is from his football-playing days at Junipero Serra High School in San Mateo, Calif.

Brady writes on Facebook, “Great memories taking the field with these guys! 1994.”

In other words, “JUNIPERO SERRA HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES!!!!” to bust out a hackneyed “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” reference.

Brady also added to his Facebook musings the tags “#TBtbt” — as in “Tom Brady’s Throwback Thursday,” perhaps — and “#smileforthecamera,” indicating that in retrospect, the tough guy move of refusing to crack a grin when posing for a photo isn’t necessarily as cool as he thought it was back then.

Brady has been on fire on social media thus far this season, and it’s refreshing to see the veteran signal-caller not taking himself so seriously and having some fun with the fans.

(image credit: Tom Brady/Facebook)