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Rickie Fowler cleverly confirms he’s dating bikini model Alexis Randock (photos)


Those who pay close attention to Rickie Fowler’s social media activity — and he may be the owner of the most compelling and entertaining online presence in professional golf — may have noticed about four weeks ago that the 25-year-old budding superstar posted a photograph where he’s posing alongside some chums, including Alexis Randock, a 24-year-old ASU graduate-turned-bikini model.

A few weeks later, Miss Randock posted a photo to her Instagram account where she wrote, “picked up some random at the bar last night” before adding Fowler’s social media handle, @therealrickiefowler.

About a week previous, Randock posted another photograph to Instagram (above) of her and Fowler appearing to be quite cozy and familiar with one another. 

Of course, this got folks more than curious about the possibility that the two were involved romantically. Since we live in an era where everybody learns everything about everybody else on Twitter, Instagram and whatnot, Fowler alerted the world on Wednesday — albeit doing so with some semblance of mysteriousness — that the rumors stemming from the several photos of the two together are in fact true: Fowler and the gorgeous Randock are indeed an item. Fowler posted a photo of Randock and bestowed upon her the #WCW hashtag in the text, which means “Women Crush Wednesday.”

So, there you have it. Fowler has a crush on a women (Alexis Randock) and said so on social media on a Wednesday. And she probably is his significant other, given the amount of time the two have been spending together. And the #WCW hashtag, because, you know, social media and stuff.

Here’s a gallery of the lovely young woman.