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Rookie Nik Stauskas takes photo per diem, gets clowned by DeMarcus Cousins (pic)


Nik Stauskas may have thought no one was paying attention while he was taking a photo of a wad of cash believed to be his per diem, but DeMarcus Cousins was keeping an eye on the Sacramento Kings rookie.

Stauskas, the eighth-overall pick by the Kings in the 2014 NBA Draft, presumed he was surreptitiously snapping a pic of the bills, all spread out in his hand as he sat in his seat during a flight, but Cousins, as noted above, was watching. Not only that, Cousins, in order to document the young pup’s silly snapshot, took a photo and subsequently posted it to his Instagram account with the caption, “Caught the rook.”

Of course, the snapshot pales in comparison to some of the snapshots of obscenely fat stacks of cash Floyd “Money” Mayweather has been inclined to boastfully post from time to time, a wad of cash is a wad of cash.

Although given that Stauskas is set to earn a base salary of $2,745,840 this season (according to spotrac), the amount of cash in a per diem provided to an NBA player is a mere pittance to the checks he’ll be cashing in the coming months.

Nevertheless, a valuable lesson should have been gleaned by Stauskas by this experience. And that lesson is Boogie Cousins is keeping his eye on him, lurking, waiting to seize any opportunity to embarrass, mock and ridicule the rookie … which isn’t necessarily the most comforting thought.

Then again, since Stauskas hasn’t posted the photo to either his Twitter or Instagram account — although he retweeted Cousins’ post — in all likelihood this photo was intended for a text message, for the eyes of a pal or some other individual, perhaps girlfriend, Taylor Anderson…


It is Wednesday, right? 😉 @tayanderson1

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So, yeah, despite being razzed somewhat by a teammate, Stauskas is doing alright.