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NBA asks Cavs, Heat not to do ‘3 Goggles’ gesture in Brazil, it’s considered rude there


An interesting, if trivial, layer to an already surprisingly intriguing preseason game between the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers this weekend in Brazil has been reported. It involves the NBA encouraging the teams not to bust out the ballyhooed “3 Goggles” hand gesture — a move frequently invoked by NBA players after making a three-pointer (irritatingly demonstrated by James Harden, above) — as it is considered an offensive gesture by Brazilians, or it at least can be interpreted in such a way.

The league reportedly sent a memo to the teams that listed gestures that should not be used during the game, and the “3 Goggles” one apparently was among them, according to’s Chris Haynes.

It apparently is considered the equivalent of giving someone the middle finger here in the States.

“Holding up the ‘three-sign’ or the ‘three-goggles’ in a certain way while in Brazil could be mistaken for ‘f— you’ or ‘f— off,’ I was informed,” writes Haynes.

James Jones, the Cavaliers’ resident sharpshooter from downtown — shooting at a 40.3% clip during his 11-year NBA career — said he had not been made aware of the memo and expressed skepticism that such a seemingly innocuous gesture could offend anyone.

“Hey, that’s why I just salute after I hit one,” James said. “That’s not offending anyone, right?”

Apparently, in Brazil, it would. As the old saying goes, Mr. Jones, “When in Rome…”

So, in summary, the “3 Goggles” gesture may be interpreted as offensive by Brazilians in the stands this weekend. Meanwhile, here in the U.S. it is merely perceived as egotistical and stupid. Good to know.