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Lady Gaga poses with Larry O’Brien Trophy, Spurs players in Germany (photos)


In an instance of pure happenstance, both Lady Gaga and the San Antonio Spurs found themselves in Berlin this week, albeit for entirely different reasons.

The Spurs were in Germany to take on Alba Berlin, a German club team, in an exhibition game, a match-up that San Antonio lost on a buzzer-beater.

Lady Gaga, meanwhile, was presumably in Berlin for a concert … or some kind of bizarre blood transfusion or other kind of pseudo-scientific medical procedure only performed in Europe. One of the other.

Whatever the reason, Gaga, a New York native and sports fan of some renown, had enough spare time to take in the Spurs-Alba Berlin game (above), seated courtside and dressed remarkably understated, at least for the pop star. In other words, no meat dress.

At some point, Lady Gaga had the opportunity to pose for a pic with Spurs players Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili who she referred to on Instagram as her “favorite player” and referring to him as “a doll.” How delightfully flattering for Manu.



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What? No Danny Green? What gives? Oh yeah, he might be trying to maintain a low profile … for obvious reasons.

Gaga writes on Instagram about the Spurs point guard: “And what a treat when Tony Parker came back to see us, he was such a gentlemen, we were all laughing and he told us some great stories. A champion from the inside out! Thanks for the great time guys, I wish you a great season!”

Class act, that Gaga.

The superstar musician also got a chance to pose with the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy, writing, “The Spurs and NBA were so sweet to me last night! They even let me hold their championship trophy! I felt like such a lady!”

Great photo of a celebrity posing with a trophy, but it cannot match when Hayden Panettiere posed with Lord Stanley’s Cup…

Those pics never get old … for some reason.

[H/T SB Nation, top image via NBA India/Twitter]