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Madison Bumgarner closes in on slamming a six-pack at once after five-beer chug (vid)


San Francisco Giants ace Madison Bumgarner had nothing to do with the team’s 3-2 win over the Washington Nationals Tuesday night that propelled the squad to a 3-1 NLDS series win and a spot in the National League Championship Series. But much like he did when he single-handedly pitched the team to victory in last week’s Wild Card win over the Pittsburgh Pirates, going the distance in an 8-0 victory, Bumgarner proved to be the star of the show in the celebratory Giants clubhouse.

Bumgarner one-upped his high-volume beer-swilling performance from last week when he pounded four beers at once by squeezing five beers into his hands on Tuesday night in the raucous, postgame mayhem and letting the sudsy brewskis pour down on his face.

Heck, from the looks of it, some of the beer may have actually ended up in his mouth this time. Not much, but some.

It would be interesting to hear Giants teammate Tim Hudson’s thoughts on Bumgarner pounding five beers at once. Odds are it would be somewhat vile, if some of the comments he has made over the past week were any indication.

If the Giants’ magical run through the postseason keeps up, Bumgarner will have no choice but to somehow cradle six beers in his hands at the same time and slam them if the team can outlast the St. Louis Cardinals and punch its ticket to the World Series.

And if the Giants win the World Series? Forget about slamming seven beers. A World Series championship would be the perfect occasion for the Party Ball from the days of old to make a reappearance on the booze-infused, celebratory circuit. Remember those things?