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Dustin Johnson, Paulina Gretzky accosted by TMZ, asked series of inane questions (vid)


Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky have been doing a pretty good job of lying low and staying out of the spotlight since the PGA Tour star’s leave of absence from golf was announced in August. The engaged couple similarly has maintained a relatively low profile since Gretzky revealed that she is pregnant in late September, something the previously attention-seeking, fast-living daughter of hockey royalty had some difficulty doing in her pre-engagement past.

It appears that becoming betrothed to Johnson and the subsequent pregnancy has had a steadily calming effect on Gretzky. But she remains a big catch for the gossip rags and in light of that, it’s not surprising that the savvy bloodhounds at TMZ have finally managed to track her and Johnson down at LAX.

What resulted was Johnson and Gretzky being subjected to a series of borderline-moronic questions at the airport on Tuesday, each one arguably more idiotic than the previous one.


Golf Digest does a great job of providing a rundown of the moronic “interview” conducted by TMZ Dude.

“Are you more excited for the baby to grow up to be a golfer or a pro hockey player?” (DJ said “either would be great.”)
“What’s the due date on the baby?” (DJ said “we’ve still got a while.”)
“Do you think it would be a junior or would you name it after Wayne Gretzky?” (No answer.)
“What’s your favorite golf movie of all time?” (No answer.)
“Do you teach your wife a lot of golf moves? I hear she has a pretty nice swing.” (DJ said “Yeah, she does.”)
“Do you think Tiger will win another major?” (DJ said “Yeah.”)


Uh, derp.

It’s clear that Gretzky wants nothing to do with the pea-brained paparazzi guy as Johnson runs interference between himself and the camera and seems to be doing his best to deal with the lame-brained questions being volleyed at him. Johnson deserves credit for both his patience and his desire to protect his pregnant fiancĂ©e.

TMZ Dude, on the other hand? Not much credit is earned, or deserving. At the same time, at TMZ, it’s not like the bar is set too high for celebrity interviews, so there you go.