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Danny Green apologizes for ‘lol’ caption on ill-advised Holocaust Memorial selfie (pic)


San Antonio Spurs guard Danny Green created a media firestorm on Wednesday due to an ill-advised selfie, a controversy that was severely exacerbated by the boneheaded use of “lol” in the caption.

Green, who is in Berlin for a preseason game with the Spurs, visited the Holocaust Memorial. While Green alleviated to the somberness of the site in his caption, the thought of taking a selfie instead of simply a photograph in and of itself would be considered by many as wholly inappropriate at best, terribly insensitive at worst.

As noted, Green made the act of taking a selfie in such a serious atmosphere that much worse by captioning the photo on Facebook, “You know I had to do it one time lol #Holocaust”


Green, or someone in the Spurs P.R. department, quickly noticed the gaffe and the NBA player took to Twitter to apologize for his shortsighted selfie in a series of tweets.

Green also changed the caption on the original Facebook post so it now reads, “A lot of history here, more than you could imagine…very sad/tragic things happened #holocaust #berlin,” which is definitely an improvement.

People are certainly entitled to make mistakes, and in this age when simply pressing “enter” or “send” or “tweet” on a computer or phone or tablet can instantly transform a person into a social media outcast and pariah, Green at least deserves credit for attempting to rectify his epic gaffe. His apology seems sincere enough, but what possibly could he have been thinking by taking a selfie at a Holocaust memorial in the first place?

Further, as mentioned, the selfie is still up, meaning Green may regret the caption, but he still does not get the inappropriateness of the selfie in and of itself.