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Brett Favre says he’s ‘glad’ Peyton Manning is about to break his TD pass record


It’s only a matter of time befor Peyton Manning supplants Brett Favre as the most prolific quarterback in NFL history — as it relates to touchdown passes — and the Ol’ Gunslinger couldn’t be happier that it’s the Denver Broncos veteran signal-caller.

Or so he says.

Favre spoke glowingly of Manning when speaking recently to an AP reporter from his Kiln, Miss., home, saying that if anyone was going to break his touchdown pass record, he’s relieved it’s a guy like Manning, who Favre considers a friend.

“I’m glad it’s Peyton that’s doing it,” Favre said, via “I think a lot of Peyton. I know him well. I know his family well. His dad was one of my idols.”

That’s easy to say for Favre now that he’s currently a major player in the lucrative male grooming racket.

After a 4-TD performance against the Arizona Cardinals in a 41-20 triumph on Sunday in a game where he threw for a career-high 479 yards, Manning has 503 touchdown passes, only the second quarterback in NFL history to crack the 500 mark, leaving him only five short of Favre’s all-time record of 508.

While Favre played the role of distinguished elder statesman as he prepares to pass the torch and act like he’s happy that it is Manning who will break his record, it is reasonable to suspect that the future Hall of Famer, who cherishes his legacy, would have preferred to hold on to that record all for his very own. At least for awhile longer.

Given that the next active players on the all-time touchdown passes list is Drew Brees at No. 4 (372 TDs) and Tom Brady at No. 5 (365 TDs), it would have been quite a while — if ever — before Favre would have had to endure another quarterback nearing his record (Eli Manning is the next active QB at No. 19 with 240 TDs).

At 37 and reasonably nearing the end of his career — at least as a quarterback putting up gaudy stats — and 138 TD passes behind, Brady likely will not ever come close to Favre’s TD pass mark.

Brees, meanwhile, is 35 and would have to put up near-career-high seasons to come within sniffing distance of Favre’s record in the next several seasons. The New Orleans Saints quarterback, though, has remained remarkably healthy and has said he wants to play until he’s 45. If he can somehow come close to that goal — which is a long shot at best — Brees will have no trouble coming close to Favre’s mark.

But even if Brees remains productive, it would mean Brees would need a good three, four seasons at best with incredibly gaudy TD pass numbers before he neared the Ol’ Gunslinger’s record. And more time on top is something Favre would certainly have cherished, perhaps as much as his enduring legacy, with or without the record.