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Antrel Rolle regrets theorizing about impact of Prince Amukamara’s de-virginization

New York Giants safety Antrel Rolle expressed regret on Tuesday for articulating his theory last week about how he believed the improved play of cornerback Prince Amukamara was directly related to how he had gotten married during the offseason and finally started having sex.

Amukamara, a devout Catholic, and his now-wife, Pilar Davis, abstained from premarital sex, so according to Rolle’s logic, the fact that his teammate has been engaging in marital relations and playing much better this season must have a correlational, if not causal, relationship.

Rolle indicated during his weekly appearance on WFAN that had he known in advance how the story was going to blow up, he would have kept his mouth shut.

“Man, if I would have ever known it would have blasted the way it did, it would have never been said,’’ Rolle said, laughing, according to the New York Post. “It’s an inside joke we all have, it’s something Prince even jokes about himself, and Prince has been playing phenomenal for us, man. I think it hit every headline possible. I went up to his wife after the game and said, ‘I hope I didn’t cause you too much headaches,’ and she just looked me and smiled and laughed.’’

As noted in the Post report, Amukamara laughed off the comments and also indicated his wife was “flattered” by the notion that the couple’s now-active sex life had something to do with her husband’s improved play.

When asked why he said it in the first place, Rolle really couldn’t explain the motivation.

“You know, it was really one of those questions that you know you don’t want to give them that answer,’’ he insisted. “But it was just on the tip of my tongue and it just came out.’’

Rolle continued to address the surprising media firestorm ignited by what he believed to be relatively innocuous comments during his Tuesday appearance on New York radio, saying that he has a very strong friendship with both Amukamara and his wife.

“First of all, we all know my relationship with Prince, we’ve grown very, very close the past couple of years and my relationship even with Pilar, it’s something we joke about all the time, Prince walking around with a different swag, this that and the other,’’ Rolle added. “We didn’t really want it to be a household paper, I take that on the head. But they all understand it’s all jokes and games, so it wasn’t take the wrong way between us.’’

All’s well that ends well, I suppose. All involved parties seem to be taking a lighthearted stance regarding how the story took off, so the Giants teammates can move on from it and help lead the team to bigger and better things after somewhat of a shaky start to the season.

And given that Pilar is cool with everything, Prince likely didn’t end up in the doghouse over his teammate’s hypotheses. Which means … yes, the cornerback should continue to play some good football … well, so long as Rolle’s theory holds true.

(image credit: Wireimage/NY Post)