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Fan promised puppy if Royals won Wild Card game gets her puppy (photo)


Katie Castan, along with boyfriend Joe Onofrio, are big-time Kansas City Royals fans. A sign the couple brought along and proudly displayed during the team’s AL Wild Card game last week at Kauffman Stadium proclaimed that Onofrio had promised Castan a puppy if the Royals won the game.

Of course, the Royals did in fact win the game — in thrilling fashion — and have moved on to bigger and better things, sweeping the Los Angeles Angels in surprising fashion in the ALDS series between the teams to secure a shot in the American League Championship Series.

The couple in question, whose “bet” provided them a dose of Internet celebrity, have also moved on to bigger, better, and, to make up a word, “barkier” things, as The Kansas City Star reports that Castan has in fact finally got her puppy.

And it’s an adorable corgi, which just so happened to be the breed of dog on Castan’s sign.


The two originally intended to adopt a puppy from the KC Pet Project but were put in touch with “a family of wonderful pet owners” looking for someone to adopt their Corgi, Lucy.

“Since a corgi is the dog of my dreams, we went to meet her and I immediately fell in love,” said Castan.

And there you have it. Lucy, although the couple did say they also like the name “Rally” as well, fits right in with her new owners, as the canine, according to Castan, “enjoyed watching her favorite team sweep the Angels.”

Of course she did.

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