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Pierre Garcon subtly fires back at Richard Sherman after Seahawks corner slams him


While Richard Sherman and his Seattle Seahawks teammates may have bragging rights over the Washington Redskins as it pertains to the outcome of Monday night’s game, winning 27-17 at FedEx Field, Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon may be in position to get the win in the war of words initiated by the loquacious Richard Sherman.

The fiery Seahawks cornerback put Garcon on blast following the game, after the two were spotted jawing at each other throughout the game.

“Pierre doesn’t matter in this league,” Sherman said, after Garcon was held to two catches for 23 yards, according to CSN Washington.

When asked to clarify his comments by the media, a curt Sherman replied, “I mean exactly what I said.”

Sherman also was especially irate with some perceptively dirty play by Garcon, as the Redskins wideout pulled his hair — whether inadvertent or purposeful — when the two were matched up.

“Yeah,” Sherman said when asked about the supposed hair-pulling incident. “Pierre did a few things. When you can’t get open, you got to do whatever you can. The crowd is acting like I’m holding him. Obviously the TV copy you can see what happened.” Garcon, while somewhat taking the bait but at the same time attempting to rise above the fray and not engage Sherman in a war of words — something Redskins teammate DeAngelo Hall proved incapable of doing in the offseason — simply appeared to reply to Sherman’s smack talk by posting an image bearing a simple, yet eloquent phrase.