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Maria Sharapova spies passenger in first class reading front page article about her (pic)


As hard as it may be to believe, it appears that being a world-class tennis superstar doesn’t necessarily mean flying in the lap of luxury in first class. If you’re Maria Sharapova, tournament victories are needed to effectuate an upgrade from coach.

A few weeks ago, after being bounced in the third round of the Dongfeng Motor Wuhan Open, Sharapova posted a photograph to social media of some guy seated in front of her reading an article about her that was buried deep in the section of the sports page.

What made the funny coincidence somewhat shocking is that the statuesque Sharapova appeared to be seated with the commoners in coach, or some other lower class section of the airplane.

How things have changed.

Coming off a tournament victory at the China Open, Sharapova embarked upon a flight, presumably to the next tournament on her schedule. But this time, the world’s No. 2 player was more comfortably accommodated on her journey, as she appears to be seated in first class in a photo she posted to Twitter.

Yet again, as was the case when she was degraded by being sat in coach, Sharapova spied a fellow passenger seated in front of her reading an article about her, only on this occasion, she had graduated to the front page of the sports section.

She snapped another pic to document the randomly strange situation.

A fitting upgrade, both in flight accommodations and in media coverage. As far as Sharapova is concerned, it seems, it certainly pays huge dividends to win tournaments, in more ways than one.

(photo credit: Photo: Chris Hyde/Getty Images/SI)