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Alexander Ovechkin takes 10-year-old girl with special needs out on date (video)


Alexander Ovechkin made an appearance a few weeks ago at a camp for the Washington Ice Dogs, a team that provides “children and young adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to play ice hockey.”

While there, he was approached by a precocious and bold 10-year-old girl named Ann Schaab, who skated right up to the Washington Capitals superstar and asked him out on a date.

The Capitals heard about Ovi and Ann’s interaction at the camp and arranged a very special surprise for the 10-year-old, who has Down syndrome: A date with her hockey-playing hero.

Ovechkin then made his appearance, setting into motion a day young Ann is sure to remember remember.

After the Capitals invited Ann and her family to visit the team’s practice facility on Sunday, Ovechkin strolled in and surprised Ann.

And from there the two embarked upon their date, but not before Ovechkin and Ann took a ride to the Verizon Center for the team’s preseason game against the Carolina Hurricanes, where Ann was given a tour of the team’s facilities.

Following the Caps’ 5-2 win, Ovechkin, with flowers in hand for Ann, was about to escort her to a sushi dinner, a dish Ann asked Ovi about when asking him out on a date, that had been set up down the hall, when Ann made a bold move (via CSN Washington):

But Ann had grander plans. After watching the Caps close out their preseason with a 5-2 win over the Carolina Hurricanes Ann decided the mood was right to pop the question.

So, with Ovechkin sitting beside her inside the Capitals’ dressing room, Schaab did what any smitten girl would do.

“Mom, I need the ring,” Ann said to her mother, Melissa.

“This is my wedding ring,” Melissa replied.

“Hey, I’m still making payments on that ring,” interjected Lou Schaab, Ann’s father.

Sensing the magnitude of the moment, Ovechkin smiled at Ann and said, “You will have lots of boyfriends who will want to marry you.”

Ann Schaab shrugged her tiny shoulders and quickly diverted her attention to Capitals defenseman Mike Green, telling him how much she loved him, too.

“I’ll say this about Ann,” her father said, “she knows how to ask for something.”


Ovechkin unknowingly has had an interaction with the Schaab family on a previous occasion, giving a stick to Ann’s brother, Louis, who has spinal bifida, all the way back in 2007.

Ann’s father, Lou, praised the Capitals organization for arranging a day for Ann she won’t soon forget.

“I never thought there would be a day to top that,” Lou Schaab said, referencing the day when Ovechkin gave his son a game stick all those years ago. “But this tops that. The Capitals really know how to make people feel special. Ann had a hop in her step all day. And by the time we hit the BW Parkway, she was fast asleep.”

(Monumental Network also has a slideshow and additional video from Ann’s big day)