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Sexy hexing? Kate Upton was doing some weird stuff during Tigers-Orioles game (GIF)


Kate Upton is in the stands at Camden Yards on Friday, cheering on her beau Justin Verlander as he starts for the Detroit Tigers against the Baltimore Orioles in Game 2 of the ALDS.

While it is nice enough that Miss Upton chose to sit with the commoners to support her boyfriend, whatever she was doing at one point during the game, moving her hands to and fro while holding her arms akimbo, well, it’s just plain weird.

Huh? Is she doing some kind of burgeoning dance craze normal people are not cool enough to be familiar with yet? Some kind of seated yoga or tai chi or something, like she’s meditating?

Or is she some kind of witch and she’s putting a hex on the Orioles with some kind of gesture-based black magic? Hard to say. Doubtful, but hard to say.

If Upton is trying to cast a spell on the Orioles or inspire Verlander on to a solid performance by invoking the power of Wiccan spirits or whatever, it didn’t pan out, as Verlander only lasted five innings, giving up six hits and three earned runs.

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