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Oregon Ducks ball boy’s wacky, dyed hairstyle is simply the tops (photo)


The No. 2-ranked Oregon Ducks football squad may have suffered a shocking, monumental and heartbreaking upset at the hands of the Arizona Wildcats — in epically block-headed fashion, not to mention — for the second time in as many seasons, falling 31-24 on Thursday night. But at least one member of the team’s staff did all he could humanly do to help inspire the team.

And that person is the Ducks’ ball boy.

In an attempt to keep the team pumped up while he handed off pigskins on the sideline, the school spirit-infected young man dyed his already-phenomenal hairstyle the same shade of pink in the uniforms the Ducks were sporting in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month — a noble and classy gesture by the school, it’s worth noting.

Forget face-painting when one believes wholeheartedly that they “gotta support the team,” hair-dyeing is where it’s at man.

And check out the death glare he shot at Ducks quarterback Marcus Mariota on the sidelines.

Ha. Gold. Or more accurately, pink.

COED notes that this isn’t even the first time this young man and ardent supporter of Ducks football has dyed his hair to match the team’s unis:


Nice. Gotta give the guy credit for his dedication. That’s a fact, Jack.