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‘Mystery blonde’ hangs with Rory McIlroy’s mom, watches him play at Carnoustie (photo)


The ongoing speculation regarding the details of Rory McIlroy’s love life since dumping Caroline Wozniacki earlier this year has been as consistent as the golfer has been on the course of late.

The 25-year-old superstar has been rumored to be consorting with a cavalcade of attractive women since his split with Wozniacki, including a nice few-week-stretch in July when he was spotted with Irish model/singer Nadia Forde and later with the very beautiful Sasha Gale.

And that’s just scratching the surface. There have been whispers in the gossip rags across the pond that he has been carousing about town with his chums on several occasions in the last few months, of course with a gaggle gorgeous gals in tow, although few have been identified.

McIlroy currently is competing in the Alfred Dunhill Championship at Carnoustie this week, and now the Irish papers are speculating as to the identity of a  “mystery blonde” spotted following him around the links, not to mention the nature of their relationship, if there even is one at all.

Upping the ante a bit that there may be something going on between the two is the “mystery blonde” — as the Independent describes her — is being escorted around by Rory’s mother, Rosie.


The two reportedly followed Rory and his dad around on Thursday during a pro-am event.

Further perceptively entangling McIlroy’s romantic life is how South African model Shashi Naidoo was forced to deny rumors that she and Rory were involved after she appeared in a photograph McIlroy posted to his Instagram account during the Ryder Cup.

Naidoo is the lovely lass in the red scarf.

“Thanks @BeckandScore for taking great care of my family and team during the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience,” Rory writes in the post.

Naidoo felt compelled to take to social media to vehemently dispel any notion that she is romantically involved with the golfer. She also deleted a photo and video from her Instagram account of a photo featuring herself and Rory’s mother as well as a video she took of McIlroy golfing.

What tangled webs Rory weaves, eh?

And then there’s the other “mystery blonde” the tabloids are clamoring over. The Daily Record published a photo of McIlroy seated alongside the aforementioned “mystery blonde,” reportedly taken at a party following the Ryder Cup.


McIlroy “has his arm round a glamorous blonde who’s the spit of his ex, Caroline Wozniacki,” The Daily Record writes, although that may be a bit of a stretch.

Is there a possibility that the two “mystery blonde” gals are in fact the same woman? Sure, but it’s hard to tell.

In any event, all the attempts to connect the dots regarding Rory’s love life of course are purely speculative at best, but that hasn’t stopped the tabloids from putting it out there.

For a guy who recently proclaimed that “golf is my girlfriend,” McIlroy, who said he would be a virgin if he wasn’t a pro golfer, sure creates a lot of buzz, does he not? His girlfriend golf might start getting jealous if he isn’t more careful.

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