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Miguel Cabrera reportedly was joking about intent to forgo postseason bonus


A Major League Baseball Players Association official reportedly told on Thursday that Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera was merely pulling a fast one when he announced his intent to forgo his postseason bonus during a discussion with a teammate.

USA Today reported on Wednesday that Cabrera declined to sign the necessary paperwork to receive his postseason bonus, saying, “I just want the ring.”

Multiple sources have said Cabrera will be signing the paperwork and will receive his bonus. The Tigers slugger declined comment when asked about the story by ESPN Deportes before the team’s ALDS Game 1 showdown with the Baltimore Orioles.

Cabrera was overheard telling teammate Max Scherzer, “I’m not signing anything,” when the pitcher approached him in the clubhouse with the aforementioned paperwork, to which Scherzer replied, “OK, more for us,” as he walked away.

Cabrera generally was praised for his “Just Ring, Baby” mentality, but the development in the story proves that even if all he really wants is a World Series title, he’s also no dummy when it comes to money, either.

It’s unclear exactly how much Cabrera stands to receive now that his shenanigans have come to light. The money typically is divvied up between players, staff and other team personnel. Boston Red Sox players reportedly received $307,000 each after winning the World Series last year.

Given that Cabrera earned nearly $22 million this season according to the terms of the 10-year, $292 million deal he signed in March, the bonus, no matter the amount, is more or less a drop in a bucket already overflowing with cash.

But who’s going to turn down a bonus, especially a bonus one rightfully earned and arguably deserves? Not Miggy, that’s for sure. He may be a joker, but he’s no chump.

And given the Tigers were throttled by the Orioles by a score of 12-3 on Thursday, perhaps knowing that he’s set to receive a tidy sum of cash will give Cabrera some peace of mind as he prepares to turn Detroit’s fortunes around in Game 2 on Friday.

(image credit: AP/Detroit Free-Press)