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Derek Jeter is hosting a big party … are he and Hannah Davis having a secret wedding?


Derek Jeter may have only officially retired last Sunday, but he’s been a busy, busy man since then as he makes the transition from superstar ballplayer to pensioner.

Okay, not a pensioner at all — not by a long shot — but for a guy who said he was going to relax and enjoy his retirement, he sure had been keeping himself occupied.

And if the things folks are whispering into the ears of TMZ staffers prove accurate, Jeter may be not only quitting the baseball life but the single life as well.

Jeter is hosting a big bash in Manhattan at the palatial, lavish and super-exclusive Oheka Castle over the weekend. And while it is being billed as an über-glamorous retirement soiree, apparently some sources believed to be in the know are indicating it’s not a party celebrating Jeter leaving the game of baseball at all.

It’s a wedding. While “multiple sources” are telling TMZ it is a retirement party, “numerous sources” are indicating to the gossip site that it’s a secret wedding and that Jeter and his supermodel girlfriend Hannah Davis are entering the bonds of holy matrimony.

Jeter and Davis have been dating for some time. Rumors that the two became engaged in August of last year  proved to be unfounded, and it was believed that the two actually split up for a spell earlier this year, purportedly over Davis’ burgeoning fame, only to get back together shortly thereafter.

Then there’s the story about Jeter and his gal having dinner with Davis’ parents in April. Could that have been the occasion where Jeter asked Davis’ dad for permission to take her hand in marriage? Who knows?

Jeter, despite his incredible fame and the fact that he lived his life under the microscope in the so-called media capital of the world, mostly managed to remarkably keep his name out of the gossip columns, save for a few tawdry rumors from time to time, one of which he staunchly denied during a recent interview.

But if it is true that Jeter is in fact tying the knot with Davis this weekend — which is a long shot at best — the wedding rumors could be a smokescreen for a smokescreen, knowing Jeter — it will mark the end of one of the truly legendary runs of lady-killing bachelorhood that has been the source of envy for men for years.