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Rory McIlroy on how he ended up in a wig, kilt after Ryder Cup win: ‘Don’t remember’


Rory McIlroy and his European squad of Ryder Cup teammates had plenty to celebrate following the team’s relatively uneventful and far-too-easy dispatching of the U.S. team in the 2014 Ryder Cup at Gleneagles in Scotland. It’s just that the celebration may have gotten wee bit out of hand. A tad too much, even.

That much was evidenced from a photo McIlroy posted to Instagram depicting the post-Ryder Cup debauchery, which included a loosey-goosey Rory posing for photo while shirtless and wearing a kilt, an orange wig and not much else.

So, how did McIlroy explain himself posing in such ridiculously amusing attire? What happened — although we can guess — that resulted in such a scene?

“Honestly, honestly, I don’t remember,” McIlroy laughingly admitted in an interview Wednesday ahead of the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship.. “The time line sort of gets a bit fuzzy about midnight.”

Something tells me the beer was flowing like wine that night, it became a champagne-soaked affair and a couple of bowls of loudmouth soup contributed to the altered state of mind Rory claims to have found himself in as the night wore on.

He goes on to relay a story about some prank-filled hijinks he fell victim to as the night got hazier, courtesy of couple of wisenheimer members of the U.S. team (via ASAP Sports).

I sort of slipped out of The European Team around ten o’clock to join my friends and parents in the bar and I got a text from Keegan Bradley about 10.30 that was very funny, basically just inviting me to the U.S. Team room.

So I said, yeah, I’ll go in.  I went to the U.S. Team room and there’s two, like, security guys at the door and said, you know, I’m here to see the guys who invited me in.  And the guy said, “Oh, I’m not sure they are letting anyone in at the minute.”

I said, “What are you talking about?”

He said, “Let me go in and check.”  So I’m standing here at the U.S. Team room door for five minutes, just felt so strange.  He said, “No, they are not letting anyone in yet.”

I said, “Really?”

He said, yeah, Patrick Reed said‑‑ I was like, Patrick Reed (laughter).  So I went, fine, went back to the European Team room and as I got back to the European Team room, a couple of the U.S. guys in there, so they had obviously planned it or whatever, had a good laugh about it.  We all piled into the U.S. Team room and had a good time with everyone.  It was a great way to cap off what was obviously a great week.

The skullduggery and tomfoolery perpetrated by the Americans, along with McIlroy’s jovial attitude, certainly jibed together, likely helping lead to this photograph of Bubba Watson and Rickie Fowler, in which the two U.S. players are similarly attired to Rory.

Yamma hamma. Suffice to say, at least two members of the U.S. contingent at the Ryder Cup weren’t playing the role of sore losers. Yeesh.

As noted elsewhere on this here site on several occasions of late, it’s good to be Rory McIlroy right now. Top of the world, man. Top of the world.

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