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Nationals fan tries to guilt Jewish fans into giving up playoff tickets on Craigslist


At least one Washington Nationals fan is willing to great lengths to land a highly coveted ticket to one of the two games scheduled for this weekend in the hometown team’s NLDS showdown with the San Francisco Giants, open to even using a person’s faith to shame them into relinquishing their ticket.

A Nationals fan posted a listing on D.C. Craigslist entitled, “need mitzvah: NLDS ticket for STH face value – $1,” in which an attempt is made to guilt Jewish fans who have a playoff ticket into selling it for $1, reminding members of the Jewish faith that they need to observe Yom Kippur and that as a good person he can relieve them of any potential residual guilt by going in their stead.

Playoff games in the Nats-Giants series scheduled at Nationals Park are scheduled for Friday and Saturday afternoon, meaning the action will occur during Yom Kippur. Otherwise known as the Day of Atonement, which, as the New York Post notes, is “a fast day considered the holiest on the Jewish calendar,” which “runs from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday.”

The listing, in all its faith-shaming entirety:

Gmar Chatima Tova! I am a Christian looking for a mitzvah: an NLDS single ticket for STH face value. This way we both win. Just like you sell your Passover chametz to a non-believer in exchange for a pittance, I ask you to make a small sacrifice on this High Holiday for the benefit of a fellow Nationals fan as well as your own spiritual well being. Consider it as preparation for the Day of Atonement. The Torah does not command it. But considering Sandy Koufax made and the Lerners are making the ultimate sacrifice on Yom Kippur, my request seems reasonable by comparison. I won’t say no if you insist on selling for only a few shekels. I will do a similar good deed for a member of the tribe when the opportunity presents itself. I have been to the shul on many occasions to pay my respects and actually own a kippah, prayer shawl, prayer book, and a tallit bag. I am not Jaaber Hussein, the Inn Keeper, nor was meant to be. Just a cross-bearing fan on a tight budget chanting leggo Nats! Why can’t we all get along?

Indeed, why can’t we all get along, as the poster puts it … so long as he can benefit from it at the same time. For shame, Craiglist poster. For shame. Giving Gentiles such a bad name with such a despicable attempt at taking advantage of Jewish guilt. The poster can attempt to dress up his “offer” all he wants, what with the use of Hebrew words and phrases and references to Sandy Koufax and so on.

Working on the assumption the poster of the above Craigslist ad is indeed male, it’s unfortunate he isn’t of the fairer sex. That way, he could shame and degrade himself in a different way as opposed to listing the above ad.

Instead, he could have agreed, had he been a woman, to a shamefully degrading experience by agreeing to engage in a threesome with another Craigslist poster who was willing to give up his playoff tickets if a woman or women consented to participate in a ménage à trois with him.

See, “Desperate for a Threesome Craigslister Guy” explicitly stated in the ad — since taken down (shocker) — that only women need respond to it.

But if only a few things had been different. It would have been a match made in creepy Craigslist heaven.